Underlying Facts about Snoring you Should Know

Snoring is the sound caused by the vibrations of the soft palate (roof of mouth) tissues due to turbulent flow of air while we sleep. Things like sleeping position, the stage of sleep, use of alcohol, and medications can make you snore.

How Common is Snoring

People who do not snore regularly can snore after having a viral illness, after excessive alcohol intake, or when taking some prescribed medications. We usually think that large people with thick necks are common snorers, but in reality, people with any body type and build can be a snorer. Yet again, the problem of snoring will worsen with weight gain and age.

What Causes Snoring

When we sleep, the muscles at the back of the throat relax leading to narrowing of the area in the airway to the lungs. This will make the air breathed to flow rapidly making the tissues in the throat vibrate rapidly. This vibration sound is what we hear as the annoying snoring noise. The reasons for narrowing of the muscles can be different though, and can take place in the mouth, nose, or throat.

Mouth Breathing and Palatal Snoring

We usually breathe through our nose, but obstructions in nasal passages can make us breath through our mouth. The obstruction can be caused due to allergies, cold, infection of the sinus, swollen adenoids, or a deviation in the nasal septum. People with obstructions in nasal passage are forced to breathe through mouth and are usually referred to as ‘mouth breathers.’ Mouth breathers usually suffer from snoring as the flow of air through the mouth can lead to the vibration of the soft palate tissues.

Narrowed Airways and Snoring

The main function of adenoids and tonsils is to fight infections. Both tonsils and adenoids are located at the backside of the mouth. Tonsils are also called palatine tonsils and can swell while fighting viruses and bacteria. Sometimes, the tonsils may not return to their normal size even after the infection is gone. These enlarged tonsils can narrow the airway, making the air to flow with pressure, and leading to snoring.

Snoring Remedies

Different types of snoring remedies are available in the market. However, before trying any of the anti snoring remedies, you will need to find out the exact cause behind your snoring problem. Else, you will end up wasting your money on products that would be ineffective in treating your snoring problem. Your physician will be able to help you find out the exact cause of your snoring problem and help you find the best solution for the issue.

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