Why Hydration and Diet Matters in Improving your Sleep Quality

Snoring Mouth Guard

Sleep Quality And Hydration

A snoring mouth guard advances the lower jaw forward, facilitates free flow of air, and improves the quality of sleep. The dentists often prescribe the Mandibular Advancement Device for snoring due to a receding jaw. Along with that, if you improve your diet by sticking to the food items, which are recommended in Oral Appliance Therapy, you can recoup from snoring in the best way possible.

Drinking water provides nutrients for each and everyone including those suffering from obesity and even diabetes, which are two common causes of snoring. Consuming water in optimal quantities can help you in coping with snoring issues associated with excess weight or blood sugar. Dehydration causes the mucus in the back of the mouth to thicken when in sleep which can cause a partial blockage in the airway and snoring. That is why you should hydrate your body to get a peaceful sleep altogether alongside the snoring mouth guard.

Even to prevent dehydration people drink vegetables, fruits, and other food containing high amounts of water. Alternatively, you can try using humidifiers in order to keep adequate moisture in the bedroom. This can prevent a dry mouth and throat, but you should also stay hydrated to prevent snoring.

Water is the best way to maintain optimal body fluid levels, and that would affect the quality of your sleep. People who have symptoms of diabetes tend to drink almost half the body mass in water alone for the betterment of sleep, which means a man weighing 90 kilos should drink close to 5 liters of water. Moreover, consider consuming salt water as one of the alternative snoring remedies since excess quantities of water may digest alongside minerals.

You can try to take a quarter tablespoon of salt with a liter of water to avoid that. You can also change the measurements as per your needs, but ensure that salt dissolves adequately in water, since excess salt may also cause dehydration. Once your body starts hydrating, you should also avoid caffeine intake, smoking, and alcohol consumption to tackle snoring gradually over time.

Note that excess sugar intake may also cause dehydration and snoring much like heavy food items such as dairy products and red meat. So abstaining from the lifestyle habits that might affect your breathing as well the tissues in the nose and the throat is always better.

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