Four Hidden Dangers of Sleep Apnea

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Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Snoring is one of the most common sleeping disorders and this condition affects millions of people. However, several people have a misconception that their snoring issues will get resolved on its own. It is true that snoring can be mild, but in some cases, this sleeping disorder is associated with many other serious health conditions.

It is significant to note that most people who are suffering from snoring consider this sleeping disorder to be an embarrassing and annoying condition. This is because snoring does not just affect the patient but it also the ones sleeping next to the affected person. As a result, they are a little bit hesitant to approach a health care provider. This is not a good move though, as snoring may result in serious health complications if left untreated for long.

If your snoring is due to smoking, alcohol consumption, or obesity, then you will be able to reduce or stop snoring by making a few simple lifestyle changes. Yet if that does not work, then you will need to invest in effective anti snoring solutions to stop snoring that can help to resolve the snoring issue within a few months or even weeks.

On the other hand, if the condition of sleep apnea is the major culprit behind your snoring issues, then it is a sign of serious health problems. This considerably increases your chances of falling prey to diabetes, lung diseases, and heart problems. Individuals who are suffering from OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea will experience restricted or obstructed breathing when they are asleep. This sleeping disorder will repeatedly deprive you of breath for 10 seconds or more during a single sleeping cycle. Even that is not it – there are many other major complications of Obstructive Sleep Apnea too.

High Blood Pressure

If you are a person who is dealing with high blood pressure issues then sleep apnea will make it worse. Your body will get stressed when you wake up repeatedly during the night due to shortage of breath. This will elevate the blood pressure levels in your body. In addition to that, the amount of oxygen in your body will also get reduced when you are unable to breathe properly during the night. This will further trigger a number of dangerous health issues.

Heart Diseases

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A recent study conducted by experts in the field of medical science revealed that individuals who are suffering from OSA are at a greater risk of heart diseases. This might be due to the lower oxygen levels in the body of the patient or because of the stress that the patient experiences as a result of sleep deprivation. Another thing to note here is that the condition of sleep apnea also disrupts the way in which your body absorbs oxygen. This will in turn make it a lot harder for the brain to control the blood flows in the arteries.

Type 2 Diabetes

People with Type 2 diabetes are also at a greater risk of developing sleep apnea. In fact, several surveys have established that the condition of sleep apnea is common in approximately 80 percent of people who are suffering from Type 2 diabetes. It is significant to note that obesity raises the risk of both Type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea. However, the good news is that shedding a few pounds and making a few lifestyle changes will help you to stay away from both these diseases to a certain extent.

Weight Gain

Several people are not aware that gaining a few extra pounds may significantly increase their chances of developing sleep apnea. In addition to that, people who have gained weight might also find it a bit hard to lower the risk of sleep apnea. If you are overweight or obese, you will have large amounts of fatty acid deposits in your neck, which in turn blocks your breathing at night. Apart from that, the amount of ghrelin hormone present in people with sleep apnea will always be higher. This in turn makes them crave for sweets and carbs. In most cases, we will not be able to transform the food we eat into energy, which in turn leads to weight gain.

In addition to these health conditions, individuals who are suffering from sleep apnea may also develop acid reflux and asthma if the sleep disorder is left untreated for long. Apart from that, you will always feel tired and sleepy in the morning, as you will be unable to enjoy a good night’s sleep. So it is better to consult with a sleep specialist as soon as you notice any symptoms related to OSA and treat the sleep health problem in due time.

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